Thursday, September 29, 2022

KISS Lifting Program

Next week we will be starting the 6 week KISS Lifting program.

All of the lifts are based upon percentages of one rep maxes.

For members that do not have one rep maxes or are still working on form and technique with lighter weights we will be be using “perceived exertion” 

Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s will be strictly 5 x 5 rep lifting days. We will be doing Power Cleans, Shoulder Presses and Back Squats.

Tuesday’s will be 5x5 rep Dead-lifts and a short WOD.

Thursday’s will be 5x5 rep Front Squats, Bench Press and a short WOD.

Saturday workouts will be a mixture of met-con workouts or partner/team WODS.

It is imperative that you track the loads used on all lifts during this six week program so that correct loads are used each week.

Loading instruction

MWF: If you finish the 5x5's with no missed reps then add 5-10lbs for the next week. If you have misses at 85% then subtract 10lbs for the next week.

Tuesday, Thursday: add 5lbs each week 

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