Wednesday, June 21, 2017

What is Rx

Rx Means Rx

Okay, I'm gonna go a rant right now about what it means to do a workout Rx. Rx means as written on the white board. So, you did the WOD and the Rx'd weigh,t but you had crappy form, didn't get to full depth on squats, did cleans from the floor instead of hang cleans, missed the target height on wallballs., did jumping C2B pull-ups instead of true C2B pull-ups but still counted as Rx reps. Guess what? They weren't.

An attempt is NOT an accomplishment. When you turn an attempt into a accomplishment you disrespect those that actually did the workout Rx. It's okay to mess up every now and again, but if you care about Rx being next to your name on the white board  then take your game to the next level and do legit reps and movements. If you hear me call you out more than once then you're not doing the WOD Rx!

Rx means Rx not half assed or "that's as good as you're gonna get". Don't cheapen the experience for those that actually do the WOD Rx.

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