Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday 160911

Starting this week for the next 6 weeks we will be doing Coach Starr's K.I.S.S. strength program. I've had to tailor it some to fit into our CrossFit programming as it was orignally designed to be a 3 days per week program. We will be doing one or more of each lift every day. (i.e.: power clean @ 85% on Monday, Back Squat @ 65% and shoulder press @75% on Tuesday). This may change depending upon how taxing it becomes on your central nervous system.

If you have not yet found your 1RM for the lifts involved you will need to do so as we will be working from a percentage of the following lifts: Power Clean, Shoulder Press, Back Squat. The program was originally designed to follow this pattern:

Day 1:
Power Clean @ 85%
Shoulder Press @ 75%
Back Squat @ 65%

Day 2:
Power Clean @ 65%
Shoulder Press @ 85%
Back Squat @ 75%

Day 3:
Power Clean @ 75%
Shoulder Press @ 65%
Back Squat @ 85%

The repetitions each lift at 5 x 5 across the loading scheme. 2 minutes rest between sets.
If a lift is successfully performed 5x5 at 85%, then add 5-10 lbs to the clean and squat and 2-5lbs to the shoulder press. If a 5x5 cannot be successfully performed @85% reduce the load by 10% and start over for that lift

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