Thursday, December 24, 2015

Thursday 151224

Christmas Eve. 12:30p class only

12 Days Of Christmas
Do the workout like you would sing the song.
Day 1: Burpee Broad Jump
Day 2: KB Snatches (alternating arms)
Day 3: Burpee Box Jump Overs(24"/20")
Day 4: KB Cleans (alternating arms)
Day 5: Burpee Pull-ups
Day 6: KB Sumo Dead-lift High Pulls
Day 7: Burpees
Day 8: KB Goblet Squats
Day 9: Lateral Burpees
Day 10: American KB Swings
Day 11: Burpee Toes To Bar
Day 12: Russian KB Swings
Men use a 55lb KB. Women use a 35lb KB

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